Senators Skindell And Tavares Introduce Assault Weapons Ban

COLUMBUS — Today, Senator Michael Skindell (D–Lakewood) and Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D-Columbus) introduced Senate Bill 260, which would establish an assault weapons ban throughout Ohio.

The legislation specifically makes it a felony of the fifth degree for possessing or acquiring an assault weapon. Under the bill, an “assault weapon” is an automatic firearm or semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity of accepting ten or more cartridges and a semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine with the capacity of accepting ten or more cartridges. The legislation models Senate Bill 18 introduced in 2013 and co-sponsored by Senators Skindell and Tavares.

“The recent, sorrowful events in Florida and Nevada and so many more places teach us why it is important to ban weapons that are meant for waging war,” said Senator Skindell. “While we cannot stop every act of suffering inflicted upon the public, it is our responsibility to limit access to these assault weapons. Until better national standards are enacted to regulate the sale of these dangerous assault weapons, Ohio should have its own regulations to protect the public.”


Democratic State Senator Michael J. Skindell Officially Kicks-Off Ohio House Legislative Campaign

LAKEWOOD – Thursday, January 4, 2018 – Seeking to continue to represent the residents of Cleveland’s west side and Lakewood in the Ohio General Assembly, Democratic State Senator Michael J. Skindell has filed petitions to run for State Representative for the 13th House District. Skindell has proven to be a powerful vote-getter which sent him to Columbus with big margins since 2002. Previous to that he was a Lakewood Councilman at Large for five years.

Upon announcing his candidacy, Michael Skindell stated: “It has been an honor for me to represent Cleveland’s Westside and Lakewood in the Ohio General Assembly. Both as State Representative and Senator I have developed a strong record of accomplishments and a reputation of being conscientious and diligent. During my entire career in public service I have always fought for open government.” (more…)