Everyday leaders support Mike Skindell

In addition to the strong support of labor organizations and other groups, Michael J. Skindell has been honored with letters to the editor from active citizens and community leaders:

“Mike Skindell embodies everything a public servant should aspire to be: principled, resolute, responsive, objective, and steadfast. … Time and again, Mike Skindell has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to Lakewood, demonstrating integrity in the way he carries himself as a public servant and compassion in the way he continues to serve others. He has my unwavering support and my vote on May 8th…and he should have yours, too.” – Laura Rodriguez-Carbone, community organizer

“Mike is also a fighter for the working class. He was on the front line against SB5 in 2011 and continues the fight against the ‘right to work’ for less. He’s a firm supporter of a $15/hr minimum wage on the journey to a living wage. And that doesn’t mean women get paid eighty percent of that—Mike is committed to pay equity to close the wage gap. … I am proud to be a resident of Lakewood for 13 years, and I am proud to be supporting Michael J. Skindell for State Representative for District 13.” – Brad Presutto, parent and activist

Skindell and Nickie Antonio “have been two of the most consistent legislators when it comes to passing progressive legislation and opposing tax cuts that take away vital state resources and favor the top 1 percent. They also speak out loudly against legislation that takes aim at women and low income and working Ohioans. And they have opposed eliminating access to affordable health care.” – Gail Long, retired executive director of Merrick House

“Throughout his political career, as a member of Lakewood City Council and a legislator in the Ohio House and Senate, he has consistently represented my values. Governing is about making choices, and Mike makes choices that benefit all of his constituents, not just the privileged few. … When I receive advocacy alerts to contact my state legislator, I never need to reach out to Mike because I can rest easy that he will do the right thing.” – Kate McCarthy, parent, activist and volunteer