Skindell Encourages “Yes” on Issue 1 Redistricting Reform

State Senator Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) is calling on all Ohio’s eligible voters to support Issue 1, on the May primary ballot. Early voting for the primary begins Tuesday, April 10, and voters of any party as well as independents can vote on ballot issues.

Skindell encourages everyone to vote Yes on Issue 1, a bipartisan reform to Ohio’s congressional redistricting process.

Under the existing process, “The gerrymandering of our state’s congressional districts creates more partisanship that undermines our ability to find common ground on issues affecting Ohioans on a daily basis,” Skindell said last May.

Skindell has fought for years to get gerrymandering out of Ohio politics.

Skindell commends the Fair Districts Coalition’s role, and that of volunteer activists. While some details of Issue 1 differ from the citizen initiative for which the coalition has collected signatures, its protections for transparency and citizen participation demonstrate the influence of good-government groups.

The Fair Districts coalition is promoting Yes on Issue 1. Skindell, who is running to be state representative for House District 13, is pleased to join their effort. His campaign is formally encouraging support for Issue 1 as part of a mailing to voters this month.