“Cleaner Lake Erie” working group launches

State Sen. Mike Skindell will join a select group of 14 legislators for the “Toward a Cleaner Lake Erie” working group’s first meeting, at 1 p.m. this afternoon.

Skindell, who currently represents a densely populated portion of the Lake Erie shore, has warned of the lake’s increasingly dire condition. As ABC news explains,

Algae in water is typically non-toxic and invisible to the human eye, but if allowed to accumulate to levels where it is visibly thick it can become toxic.

At toxic levels, algae can destroy marine ecosystems by killing animals and depleting water of oxygen.

Lake Erie is well past this threshold, Skindell says. “It’s a green muck” in the lake’s western basin.

The problem is worsening, too.


Skindell discusses ECOT, budget, and other statehouse issues

In August, State senator Mike Skindell was the invited guest of the Westlake Democratic Club, whose president Vern Long introduced him by saying that in Ohio’s General Assembly, “there are a few people who will stand up for all of us—this is the guy who’ll lead the charge.”

Skindell speaks to meeting in Westlake

Skindell spent the evening discussing examples of how Ohio’s government, entirely controlled by Republicans since 2011, has by contrast prioritized special interests.

Payday Lending

Skindell explained that Ohio is among the worst states in the nation for exorbitant payday lending rates, which trap working people in a cycle of debt. The state passed reforms in 2008, but lenders quickly found a loophole which the legislature’s Republican majority refused to close. As recently as June, the majority went to extraordinary lengths to defeat a motion by Skindell that would have moved reform out of the Finance Committee for a vote by the full Ohio Senate.


Working families need our support

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Janus vs. AFSCME, ruling that public-sector unions’ fair share fees, collected from employees who decline to join a union but still benefit from their negotiations, are unconstitutional. The decision essentially brings so-called “right to work” to public sector workers in Ohio and across America.

In response, Ohio state Senator Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) issued the following statement:

“Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME is but another blow to working families led by a corporate-funded agenda. The decision further rigs the economy against working families to benefit CEOs and large corporations. The result will be lower wages and a weakening of the rights of workers.

“When the first right-to-work effort came to Ohio in 1958, as Amendment 2, and proposed changes to Ohio’s Constitution, it was defeated by nearly a two-to-one vote. The second major attack on workers’ rights occurred in 2011 with the passage of Senate Bill 5 in the Republican-led Ohio General Assembly, which was overwhelmingly repealed by Ohio voters. Unsuccessful at the ballot box in Ohio and elsewhere, corporate interests have now been successful legislating from the bench.


Endorsed by Sierra Club

Michael J. Skindell’s campaign to represent Ohio House District 13 has been formally endorsed by the Sierra Club.

In announcing the endorsement, Steve McPhee said “The Sierra Club’s Ohio Chapter is pleased to extend our support for your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting Ohio’s environment.”

Throughout his career as a legislator, Skindell has championed the cause of clean air and water. In recent weeks, he has been working to promote wind energy development, to protect Ohio’s renewable energy standards, and to prevent taxpayer funded bailouts of polluting fossil fuel plants.

Skindell says that he is honored to have the endorsement of the Sierra Club.


Thank You for your Vote and Support!

Statement by state senator Michael J. Skindell: Democrats in the 13th House District again overwhelmingly supported our progressive campaign in yesterday’s Democratic Primary. We prevailed because of a strong message for our progressive values — funding of senior services, fighting for fairness and equality for women and the LGBTQ community, increasing the minimum wage to […]

Skindell addresses environmental issues

State senator Michael J. Skindell spoke about environmental policy prospects in the Ohio General Assembly, today, at a well attended meeting of Faith Communities Together for a Sustainable Future.

Skindell said that his biggest concern in the Ohio legislature, currently, is a proposal that would impose draconian penalties on protesting fossil fuel extraction projects—and potentially on nearly anyone who crosses a property line in Ohio even unknowingly.

SB 250 applies severe penalties to any trespass on property with “critical infrastructure,” which is defined to include not only fossil fuel extraction sites, but also “electric distribution or transportation lines,” phone and fiber optic lines, cell phone towers, and even “water systems.”

The audience laughed as Skindell noted the absurdity of these broad definitions, yet he warned that “everybody should be deeply concerned about this legislation.”


The Working Families Party’s Candidate

The Working Families Party today announced its endorsement of Michael J. Skindell in the Democratic primary for Ohio House District 13.

The endorsement’s arrival one week before Ohio’s primary is timely. The next seven days are crunch-time for campaigns, and The Working Families Party will mobilize its grassroots supporter base to volunteer for endorsed candidates, including Skindell.

The Working Families Party endorsement is a “seal of approval” for progressive voters. Combined with the recent endorsement by another national organization, Our Revolution, and its local affiliate the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, progressive leaders have signaled clearly that Skindell should be Democrats’ choice in this contest.


Our Revolution endorses Skindell for State Rep

National progressive organization Our Revolution has endorsed Michael J. Skindell for state representative.

Like the local northeast Ohio affiliate, the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, Our Revolution works to sustain the grassroots energy brought together by Senator Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign.

Skindell says that the support of both groups is encouraging, particularly as three other northeast Ohio candidates for state representative share the dual endorsement: Kyle Earley (HD-10), Yvonka M. Hall (HD-12) and Steve Holecko (HD-14).