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Skindell appointed to rules-review committee

As Innovation Ohio has reported, House Speaker Larry Householder has named Rep. Mike Skindell to the 10-member Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review.

From the JCARR web site:

The committee consists of five State Representatives and five State Senators. JCARR’s primary function is to review proposed new, amended, and rescinded rules from over 110 agencies to ensure they do not exceed their rule-making authority granted to them by the General Assembly. If a rule violates one or more [of six tests], the JCARR committee could make a recommendation to invalidate the rule. 


Ohio Senate Send-off

Serving in the Ohio Senate for the past eight years has been a great honor for state Sen. Mike Skindell.

But as he prepares to depart for the Ohio House, this send-off is in a category by itself:


Voting is underway!

Voting is underway in Ohio, now through Election Day—Tuesday, November 6.

On Wednesday, Sen. Skindell joined Democratic candidates for the General Assembly, US House, and statewide offices for a rally at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Ohio Democratic Party early-vote rally in Cleveland

Voters in Cuyahoga County may cast a ballot in person at the Board of Elections, 2925 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, any day of the week through Election Day. Hours are listed online.


Endorsements update

The following people and organizations have endorsed Michael J. Skindell for State Representative, House District 13:


Skindell discusses gun violence solutions

On Wednesday, September 12, state Senator Mike Skindell took part in a panel discussion on the topic “Gun Violence: What are the Options?” The panel, organized by the League of Women Voters and hosted by Case Western, included Dr. Daniel Flannery, Cleveland MHA chief André González, and state Representative Mike Henne. Peter Krouse moderated the discussion.

All four panel members agreed on the necessity for further measures to prevent gun violence, including Dayton Republican Rep. Henne, and Skindell who is the Democratic candidate for Ohio House District 13.

The panel also agreed that such measures are currently stalled, in Ohio’s General Assembly and in Congress, both of which are controlled by Republican majorities.

Gonzalez, Henne, and Skindell

Skindell noted that he reintroduced legislation earlier this year to let Ohio renew an effective, but lapsed, federal assault weapons ban. He has also signed on in support of other measures including universal background checks, “red flag” laws, bump stock restrictions, and stopping domestic abusers’ access to firearms.


Endorsed by Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund is a political action committee, formed “to protect and enhance the environment and the health of all Ohio communities by advancing critical priorities, holding policymakers accountable, and electing environmental champions.”

State Senator Michael J. Skindell is privileged to be recognized by the OEC Action Fund as one of its endorsed 2018 candidates.


Lake Erie Shoreline Improvement District

Shoreline erosion is a constant concern for families with property on the lakeshore. Right now, few resources exist to help homeowners slow or prevent this damage, which can ultimately decrease property values. Some families are even forced to take out a second mortgage on their home to finance the needed repairs and improvements. This is […]

Working to protect consumers from high interest rates on short-term loans

Over the summer, Sen. Skindell worked with colleagues in the Legislature to place much-needed regulation on the payday lending industry, and provide relief for consumers from astronomical fees and interest rates.

Over a decade ago, The Ohio Legislature worked to regulate the industry by capping interest rates and limiting the size of loans lenders could provide.  The lenders took advantage of a loophole, registering under a different section of Ohio law so they did not have to cap interest rates or fees. After ten years, Ohio now has one of the highest average interest rates in the nation, coming in at a whopping five hundred and ninety one percent. With one in ten Ohioans having taken out a “payday” loan, these higher interest rates and fees total hundreds of millions of dollars each year leaving the state and padding the pockets of out-of-state lenders.